Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Our Business Philosophy:   To be successful and accomplish our HDL goals, satisfying for property “USAGE and ENJOYMENT” by our homeowner members is paramount.  Whether your full time residence, or second home — to achieve success, we pair “world-class” service, insert a technology backbone, and push the envelope with cutting edge innovation to deliver a more pleasing experience to our loyal client base.  We have organized our unique platform to be the “Neiman Marcus or Ritz Carlton” of the home maintenance industry.

Our membership program taunts quality of life & ease of engagement to create widespread appeal.  It is more about convenience and reducing hassles in order to trade those same hours for more satisfying results.


Is clearly the paramount foundation of our business. The strength and integrity of our leadership team is reflected through the highest standard of business ethics and in delivering the best possible value to our users, homeowners and partners. Integrity starts with our people, and blends into your home maintenance process from day one.


Is a deliberate strategy of our opportunistic approach to our overall business, its technology, and your home.  We are an industry innovator that leverages our competitive advantages of relationships and experience to do what we do best – operate a high-touch, highly customized and personal business via automation advances you find elsewhere in life.


Are core strengths of our management team, and the diversified backgrounds of our team members that add value to our model as we pioneer age old home operations into an exciting new venue.  Your family will come to rely upon the partnership, and we hope to grow with your endorsements.



Life is too short, don’t spend your valuable time micro-managing your primary residence, or even getting your vacation home prepared and hopefully perfect.  Spend your time with your family enjoying each other.  Leave the details for someone else to sweat – someone you trust.  Focusing on the customer tailored needs and having a digital record of the property will create a hassle-free experience for our users that we feel will be rewarded.  In addition to that philosophy, our program offers:

  • Professionally supervised labor while at your property. Hands on management of contractors on your behalf.  Always accompanied by our HDL House Ambassadors
  • Software work order dispatching systems, with tracking and push notifies
  • Robust property header for management purposes property profile
  • Fully vetted, and background checked tradespeople.
  • Skill sets include high-end builders – and their subs that physically build on the property now (verifiable track record, and portfolio of homes identified so customers can understand product)
  • Reduces or eliminates instances of non-responsive contractors. Homeowners will have less problems locating a painter, carpenter, etc. that will not return phone calls.
  • Heavily documented and insured company
  • Array of structured documents to prevent issues, problems, or ambiguity around services
  • Fixed Maintenance Menu – with recurring care services modules
  • Member Login portal
    • Request a Work Order / Request a Bid Functionality
  • Homeowners’ Mobile APP
    • With a demand system (array of products, upgrades, regular ask items may be included)
    • “Push Notifications” to gently remind you of pending items
  • Photos evidence, reports, push notifications, time stamps, other assurances
  • Concierge Services links
  • Property security, warranty monitoring, financial assurance, inclusion in the neighborhood program
  • HDL maintains an authorized and approved “Referral List” for tradespeople or larger jobs – with grading
  • Home Owner Area (HOA) friendly solutions