Our vacation home is roughly 4 hours from our primary residence. Having a local, reliable person to monitor and maintain it gives us the peace of mind we require as second home owners.  Thanks Home de Lujo!    — Bill W.

Today everything is going towards instant gratification services. Why should our home in the mountains be any different?  We just press a button, and have professional assistance with nuisance items as we identify them.  A quick notification pops up to tell us when things are done and we focus on more important issues–   Janine F.

Its about “usage.” When we are away from our vacation paradise, things are being monitored and cared for.  When we are on vacation – we get maximum usage out of the property and don’t sweat the small things.  – Amy R.

Our home is truly an investment. In order to protect it, we use Home de Lujo for reliable and regularly scheduled maintenance.   They help maintain things we are not even aware of to keep the house in top shape.  – Perry C.