HDL Creates a Hand-Held Digital Record of The Entire Home!

Your own personal 250-point inspection we provide is well documented, and fully electronic.   So, every time you require a service, or call for assistance – we know exactly the make, model, condition or age of the system or area needing maintenance or attention.  Whether its as simple as touch up paint in the kitchen, or the hot water heater is leaking – we already know what we are dealing with and will not waste a trip to the house.  We show up ready, aware and confident.

Our proven formula for property and asset management produces optimal savings for our home owners and often simply exceeds their expectations. Through Personalized Service, Quality Home Care, Homeowner-Influenced Experience and Strategic Location limitations, HDL is committed to providing the highest level of service to homeowners and even their guests.

When purchasing a high-end residence, you should consider a property maintenance company just as seriously as you would consider your real estate agent.  Owning a home of this quality should be a fun and rewarding experience, and Home de Lujo is available to assist you with most everything you will need to protect your investment and avoid unforeseen headaches.  The maintenance is not a one-time event, and for that reason – selecting the right partner to accompany you on this journey is critical.

Imagine a regular, familiar and informed business partner, that retains full time staff members which are never more than 20 minutes away from your property!

Please examine the wide variety of services that we staff for and offer.  All of the services below have a tremendous sub-menu that you can select from.  Having a member’s needs registered at our dispatch desk is as simple as pressing a button on your smart phone.

  • Home Maintenance (25+ different services)
    • Primary Residence or Second Home
    • Interior Home Maintenance
    • Exterior Home Maintenance
  • On-Demand Repair, Handyman or Additional Services
  • Bids, Remodels, or other contracting as necessary
  • Arrival Preparation or Departure Services
  • House Guests Services
  • Concierge and Personal Assistant Services
  • Vehicle or Automobile Maintenance