On-Demand Technology

On-Demand Technology

Easy, intuitive, and comprehensive hand-held APPs

With HDL®, you get comprehensive maintenance capability program and system —  integrated with your house, your family, and your preferred vendor network. We will inventory, manage, maintain, and care for homes and homeowners with great detail and in a technically proficient manner.  Our easily adoptable systems serve as a backbone of the operation and will support homeowners, local vendors, and facilitate centralized management at the highest level.

The basic idea is to systematically transform what is typically an inefficient marketplace – into convenience.



Simplifying elements of the home care and maintenance process that are inherently more complex — things like preventative maintenance, repairs, emergency services, or just regular fixes — will equip more homeowners to enjoy their property, and focus on what’s really important in their daily lives.  Those that once felt it was a hassle or nearly impossible to get quick resolutions will soon be empowered in a way that gives them more freedom, and confidence.

The proliferation of easily accessible information online has had a seismic effect on nearly every aspect of our lives.  On our mobile devices we connect, we interact, and we transact.  Access to data and services is creating savvy consumers that want rapid gratification, and home care for real estate is no exception.  For decades, we have understood the problem with getting reliable fix it men, contractors, or home care assistance,  but in order to succeed today we need to embrace this data transparency. The HDL solution platform opens the door to a whole new world of home care.  We are proud to be local, professional and on the cutting edge.



A small piece of HDL’s success resides on a robust digital record of the entire home’s DNA.  We know materials, colors, brands, systems, and homeowner particulars.  These items and much more are used to create a total experience for our members.  Whether we are triaging builder warranty items, researching manufacturer elements, or just addressing homeowner concerns – we strive to know the property as well as you do, and AS YOUR PARTNER.

Our iPhone and iPad friendly interface provides GPS denoted photographs, and video of your property or situation with time stamped accuracy and accountability.

PocketSnap Homeowner Friendly Mobile APP Dashboard:

  • My Property
  • My Calendar
  • My Concierge
  • Report an Issue / Maintenance
  • Idea Center & FAQ’s
  • My Profile
  • Severity Ratings for Issues or Fixes (1-5) Gauged by Homeowner

Smart Software Features for Property Managers 

  1. Holistic Customization of your Property, Portfolio, and Homeowner nuances
  2. Maintenance System / Work Order Management and instant Auto-Assign ability
  3. Interior and Exterior on-demand inspections, repairs or reviews
  4. Admin, Homeowner and Vendor Portals for faster, more accurate actions – for all critical groups to leverage benefit
  5. Compliments your Existing Software Applications
  6. Custom Business Intelligence for your property or firm
  7. Screening, background, insurance monitoring – of all tradespeople at a property
  8. eSignature and time stamp abilities
  9. Accounting elements, payments, and reports
  10. Unlimited data, document and photo storage, support and training
  11. Bids, remodels and other special project abilities
  12. Quality control checks, reminders and ticklers