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“Turn Key” Living, Perfected…

Busy homeowners want to enjoy home ownership more, and fix problems less.  When things do go wrong, they often seek the same “builder quality” or builder supervised services by individuals crafting these unique homes in the immediate area.  HDL takes the low tech, mundane practice of caring for an asset – and automates it in a manner most individuals have not only come to expect, but demand.  You only live once, we’ll make it more satisfying for you…

As a point of efficiency, HDL will never be more than 20 minutes away from your property making us very unique and efficient.  Managing maintenance costs and recurring expenses is just part of a process, and every one of us is spending these non-concentrated dollars already.  HDL simplifies and makes it more convenient and predictable by introducing a reliable, integrity based caregiver and partner for the home.

To model effective service, as we do routine inspections of property we pair it with white glove inspections and preventative maintenance of discreet items the homeowner may take for granted.  Leveraging the contiguous service area of only a few square miles creates efficiency you will come to expect.

Our company mantra “Obsessed with Customer Service” will have users and loyal clients sharing our story and unique value proposition with neighbors and friends.  We support the theory that loyal customers are less expensive to retain versus gathering new ones.  We take care of home maintenance needs with professionalism and quality service while elevating the experience and convenience for members.  Services are provided with friendliness and competence.  In the instant gratification world we live in today, HDL is at the touch of a button to cater needs in that manner delivering ultimate convenience like an Uber, Amazon, or eBay has achieved in your day-to-day lives.

Taking a “Ritz Carlton” type service level, and solving for increasing more complex homes of 2017 makes a lot of sense.  Members receive a subscription based offering, and many on-demand options too rounding it all out with a concierge element that your House Ambassador assits with.

HDL believes our homeowner clients just want to have memorable, relaxing and fun experiences while at home, or at their get-a-way properties.  They want these homes and their investment to be well cared for even when they’re not there.  When they are using the homes, they want the property to be well maintained, efficient and in working order. When things do go wrong – they want solutions and professional, helpful people they know, at the touch of a button.  Experience shows the best way to avoid unforeseen problems or repairs is to provide consistent maintenance.  We offer custom tailored home care maintenance packages to fit every lifestyle.  From weekly home inspections to make sure the home is safe, to simple maintenance or major repairs at predictable fees.

Members have access to our website portal, and a mobile app.  Your membership account has a property header matched to it which creates a full record of your property, its attributes, approved vendors, etc.  All required data is collected during our intensive inventory process.

HDL is a privately owned homeowner solutions company having roots back to 2003.  Later we developed a platform in 2009 which we have evolved into today that specializes in monitoring, access, and validation of critical properties nationwide.  Today, we focus 100% in unique residential communities and specific resort areas of the US, and help protect properties, eliminate questions and manage costs of homeowners.