Builder Division


Builder Division

Smarter Maintenance and Warranty Solutions for Busy Builders, Property Managers and their Valued Clients

Due to the nature of our offering, we also assist custom home builders and property maintenance companies in becoming faster, better, and much more cost effective in the long run.  With competition innovating regularly, you have to stay ahead to thrive.  HDL is the leading national provider of integrated luxury home maintenance solutions.  Our smart builder solutions and unparalleled expertise advance the performance, image, safety, and sustainability of both your warranty program and the home you just completed.

We understand the needs of builders, contractors, warranty companies and homeowners, like you. In addition to a full spectrum of facility maintenance products ranging from warranty calls, light painting, routine maintenance, plumbing, electrical, HVAC and more – we simply become your customized partner.  Our home maintenance experts leverage the blueprints of the home with HDL technology solutions, but also can take over coordination of your original sub-contractors where warranty issues exist.  Other proprietary programs can be tailored to address your unique and changing needs on a home by home basis.

With the size of a homeowner’s investment, and your bottom line, “Trust, but Verify” is the only way to go!

A great gift for a builder or realtor to give to their clients.


For obvious reasons, many homeowners still demand “builder quality” after the sale.  Although they could hire anyone on the internet, they want a builder capable of working on a home like theirs.  We easily work inside of your current business structure, and can complement your current software systems as we look forward to transforming your management process to a superbly managed process for a few dollars per month.

To learn about the HDL difference, and if your homes or builder territory qualifies for our Low or No Fee Management Program, please complete and submit the form under “Contact Us” with your office address, and one of our builder’s service advisers will contact you. (often applies to Property Managers also)

High End Builders Should Know…

  • A business partner you can trust that has ‘skin in the game’ is critical
  • Sophisticated electronic hub to direct homeowner and vendor traffic
  • Our 250 point inspection will include your manuals, documents, drawings and other elements
  • We can easily track what is builder warranty vs. manufacturer for your customer base
  • Leverage automated help desk, and dispatch services electronically.  No more calls!
  • No software to load – 100% hosted in the secured cloud.  Accessible remotely for all users.
  • Property photo diaries create accountability and bind clients to you for life
  • Create a better homeowner experience, grow your business, handle more volume
  • Time stamp all jobs, measure timeliness and failure rates, and full photo QC is built in
  • Electronically manage bids, remodel bids, and other homeowner interactions
  • Maintain full profiles of employees or tradespeople doing the work.  Track background checks and insurance info are required
  • Manage invoices paperlessly, and experience same day billings.  Credit card pay options
  • Post pictures or video of house for transparency and positive homeowner impact
  • Store warranty papers, realtor documents, HOA information, others

Simple Formula for Success – Nearly nothing out of a BUILDER OR Property Manager’s pocket!

Builders main financial benefit does not come from working punch lists, it comes from building homes and closing transactions.  Having a partner that can document, dispatch and troubleshoot on maintenance items is PURE VALUE ADD to your program and company.

Set it up, and raise homeowner satisfaction with this proven tool for a couple of bucks a month – and leverage it against real estate or deals worth $100,000’s or even millions!  Provide reliable evidence regularly of what is occurring with the investment – while you decrease turn times, and increase quality and profits for your firm.  It couldn’t make more sense for anyone involved, and truly helps the homeowner feel more secure each step of the way.  Keeping the relationship alive between builder and client can be accomplished with the HDL tool set.

common area maintenance or hoa

Many HOA’s or property developers have needs to monitior and maintain items or structures in the common areas.  HDL’s technology also solves for those areas, keeping it paperless, efficient and organized.