Preventive, Pro-Active, Pre-Scheduled Care for Your Home

Home maintenance is an ongoing challenge that can be daunting and frustrating for today’s busy homeowner. That’s why Home de Lujo has assembled a team of tradespeople and artisans who are ready to make your life easier.  Our team of professionals is led by an individual assigned directly to your property, for the life of the property.  They directly manage a team of contractors and sub-contractors ready to provide a wide-ranging list of services people in your immediate area require and have come to expect.

Today, both property owners and house managers are continually faced with managing a multitude of contractors to sustain the working order and appearance of their personal properties. Responsiveness, reliability, quality, hassle and pricing discrepancies are constant pain points in managing high-value assets.  The use of a single vested partner for maintenance and construction is a highly efficient and effective means of controlling costs and better managing service time response and quality.  Our pro-active approach sets us apart from other contractors who often operate only on a reactive basis, responding to problems after they have occurred.  We identify and remedy minor problems before they become major, expensive issues.

We have a complete menu of services with the expertise and resources to help protect the value of your property through regular and preventative maintenance.  Whether inside or outside of the home, our experts can take care of the property from the foundation to the rooftop.  Of course, we also have Home de Lujo’s vetted team of carpenters, painters, electricians, plumbers and HVAC experts to keep your home comfortable, efficient, safe and in top operating condition.


Historically Speaking:  Our company was originally designed to specifications on property maintenance of the national banking and residential mortgage systems – which means we could dispatch to any state or county as needed.  We created a software application to meet tough governmental and financial standards. Through that initial process, WE BASICALLY PROVIDE LOCATION MANAGEMENT EXPERTISE & MOBILE ENGAGEMENT FOR HOMEOWNERS, TENANTS, AND VENDORS ALIKE.   We have successfully managed 100,000’s of assets with our platform for national entities for decades – and we can certainly apply that homeowners looking for additional transparency.  Having our own labor force never more than a few miles away from your needs only enhances the engagement.