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Today, property owners are continually faced with managing a multitude of contractors to sustain the working order and appearance of their home and properties.  Reliability, quality, responsiveness and price fluctuations are constant pain points in managing their most valuable assets.  Unplanned maintenance and improvements of core systems or appliance undoubtedly arise.  It has been proven, the use of a single, trustworthy provider for maintenance and construction is a highly efficient and effective means of improving quality and controlling costs while better managing the entire process in a worry-free manner.

We have a complete electronic menu of services with the expertise and resources to help protect the value of your property through regular and preventative maintenance.  Our House Ambassadors will be with you every step of the way, and building TRUST is the largest part of their job description.

HDL has embraced the basic idea of transforming what is typically an inefficient marketplace – into ultimate convenience.




Professional Home Management


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Professional Home Management

Complete management of your home while you’re there or away.  Home de Lujo is an all-inclusive home services company established to provide a comprehensive and convenient all-in-one solution to the time consuming task of maintaining your home and its assets.
Our objective is to assist busy, active people with the peace of mind that their investment is protected and maintained both while they are home, or in their absence. We will attend to your specific requests in addition to our comprehensive checklists, to manage the condition and preservation of your home and communicate to you the results of our services and inspections.

No home is too big, small or even complex for us to manage and maintain!

One trusted source to call for everything related to your home.  From repairs to renovations, have your house manager do virtually anything that you simply don’t have the time or tools to do yourself.

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Enjoy more, repair less

At Home de Lujo we want our clients to enjoy life more, and repair less.  Their time at home or visiting their second property is supposed to be their time, or time away from it all.  We are a technology based home maintenance company designed to ensure more convenience, usage, and additional peace of mind with the ultimate confidence of homeowners on high-end or luxury properties.  We are taking a very human supply chain business and moving frustration and sometimes chaos into a technically proficient environment where homeowner transparency and control becomes paramount. To accomplish that, HDL offers high-integrity home care services with world class service levels, in a transparent manner.   Please see our Services Page for a detailed list of duties HDL can perform for you.

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